A Welcome Abyss of “Think Void” – In anticipation of World Void Web’s new album!

There was a point, not so long ago, that I was deeply engrossed in my quest for finding and supporting with all my heart,  the wonderful sphere of Indie Music in India. Geographical limitations were never taken into consideration thanks to the Internet and YouTube, and yours truly found herself spending several hours in a day either going into happy rabbit-holes of discoveries in terms of new musicians and music or re-listening and sailing in love again over a dear band’s music. I have blogged about my enthused craze here and over many other posts in my blog (feel free to explore!). But there has come about a slow, but certain phase of my life wherein the enjoyment obtained from music necessarily required a deeper delving to derive more meaning and more connection on another plane, or another dimension, if you will. Gigs didn’t mean the same thing they did before, I began to seek connection with music in solitude. Leaving the world aside, I turned more inwards to seek meaning; via sounds and via silence; the two go so very much in sweet collaboration. As Osho says:

Silence alone is not very beautiful, sound alone is not very beautiful, but the meeting of sound and silence is very, very beautiful — that is music. The meeting of silence and sound is music.

So much to my pleasure, I came across an artist, Ajit Padmanabh, quite recently, whose work reverberated profoundly on these lines and beyond. A sneak peak was made available of his album, Think Void, through out the week up till the release a few hours ago today (9th September). I am very new to the world of classical music and would remain a newbie for years to come; for I am not a scholar of the art but one who lingers on the ledge of atempting to be one. For all we not always students of various schools of life? So to be presented with music that tantalizingly gripped me and gently pushed me to learn and delve more into the folds of music; all along with a keen recognition of the possibility of music being a path to spiritual knowledge.

While The Void and silence are not necessarily the same entity; the former must certainly be punctuated, with the latter. The very vast and intriguing (and complex, may I add) theme of “The Void” resonates throughout the album, which is indeed its core theme. Ajit , who goes by “World Void Web” says that “he wanted the music to be subtle yet evocative with ethereal mix of the sounds he has heard all through his life, of tunes he has been blessed with”. He calls this phenomenon Voiceless Emoting, which is think is such a wonderful concept. How enriching is it to come across it thus!

To talk more on those lines, and if I may quote from the website,

Think Void
The Album is divided into 3 metaphors, with 4 songs in each – World, Void and Web. While Web metaphor depicts man-made flaws and imperfections in this world, World metaphor depicts affection, help and co-existence as the essence of human life. Void metaphor depicts the element that’s believed to be the source of all creation and creativity.

Web is exemplified by “Like all else, this too shall pass. It’s neither the world nor its end”.

World is exemplified by “Be aware within. Be good to all creation, within and without.”

Void is exemplified by “We exist because of it. We are in it and it is in us”.

Album Art courtesy Facebook (World Void Web)

The album features collaborations with legendary guest artists like Dr Prakash Sontakke (Hindustani Classical Hawaiian Guitar), Keith Peters (Bass Guitar), Baiju Dharmajan (Carnatic Rock Guitar) and Adriano Fernandez (Music Saw). What legends! Permit me to be in awe of them, please, while I listen to my copy of Think Void on repeat! I rather like the Youtube teasers  as a reference point, because they share a story behind each tune; and i think to dwell on it over many listens would increase the understanding by multi-folds. I am rather looking forward to the delicious jump into the deep abyss of the Void!

A special shout-out to the artist behind the album art, Parjanya Sau! So befitting and beautiful!

Read more here  on where to explore the music. (Quite an extensive link  and options, personally – http://www.oklisten.com, zindabad!).

Website: World Void Web, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldVoidWeb/

Dive in, folks! And may you enjoy the journey!


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